For over 30 years, Phyllis Deitch has been seeing patients in the South Jersey and Pennsylvania area through all of life's transitions.

Phyllis earned her Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University in 1981, which she followed with post graduate training in marriage and family therapy. She is licensed as a psychologist, marriage and family therapist and is a board certified life coach. She specializes in loss and grief counseling, as well as issues of adjustment to life's transitions. 

Phyllis has also written a book discussing the impact of early childhood parent loss and how to move forward. Her book, Too Soon to Say Goodbye, has received acclaim from many psychologists and doctors alike. She also runs support groups for those affected by early parent loss and trauma.  

How Can She Help?

As a professional life coach, she works with clients to explore personal goals and to create paths toward achieving their full potential. She facilitates and supports her clients through the traumas and challenges life brings. Her background in marriage and family therapy allows her to work with couples or with individuals seeking more satisfaction from their relationships.


  • Turn Stress into Opportunity
  • Adjust to Life's Transitions
  • Overcome Barriers to Success
  • Develop Strategies for Personal Growth
  • Defeat Destructive Patterns of Behavior
  • Develop Skills for Career Success
  • Maximize Your Strengths
  • Achieve Your Goals